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What is HYIP?

What is HYIP?

If you read this text, it means that you have become interested in investing with high incomes and the word HYIP has come to your attention. Here we will analyze in detail what it is and what it is eaten with. You will find answers to all questions in the Show Profit knowledge base.

If you’ve ever heard of people like Robert Kiyosake, Warren Buffett, George Soros, you know that they are united by the idea of not working for money, but for the money to work for you, in other words, to know and be able to invest correctly

But under the word investment, we immediately imagine stocks, bonds, real estate. Yes, these are really good tools, but there the input amounts are large and you need to have good skills and understanding of the market where you are investing, and as a rule it is “long money”, that is profit can be seen in 5, 10 or even 20 years, so for most this is not an acceptable option

Everyone was always interested in quick money options. And when there is demand, there are offers. And then the first pyramids began to appear. I think you heard about it, but as a rule, you didn’t understand. there is a strong opinion that this is a breeder and there is no way to make money, but this is a fallacy

What is HYIP?

The essence of the investment or financial pyramid is to ensure a high income due to the constant influx of new participants. When a new investor makes a deposit, its amount is distributed among all participants who entered earlier. Of course, such schemes cannot exist forever, with the first panic or bad news, investors begin to take money and the project ceases to exist. This is called SCAM

Charles Ponzi, a cunning Italian who in 1919-1920 created the “Ponzi Scheme” and fooled millions of people, is considered to be the founder

But we have our own antiheroes. In the CIS, everyone probably knows him, this is Sergey Mavrodi – the creator of the famous MMM pyramid. About what scale it has reached, many know, about this even a film was made. I recommend for viewing, it’s called “PiraMMMida”

The pyramids began to transfer their activities to the Internet and were called HYIP – high yelled investing programs

What is HYIP?

In fact, HYIP can be called any site where you are offered a particular income opportunity

Such projects always have a legend that explains how they will give you profit. It can be anything: cryptocurrencies, real estate, mining, trading, FOREX, etc.

For our experience, we’ve already seen enough of many similar projects, and what admins will not do to increase the percentage of trust

Now you have a question:

“Well, why should I risk my hard-earned money if this is all fraud ??”

And here lies the biggest misconception that it is impossible to earn on the pyramids. As a rule, this myth is promoted by the media. But the goal is very simple, let investors better bring money to the bank at 20% per annum (which does not even cover inflation, not to mention earnings), and not all kinds of Internet projects

If you carefully look at the history of the same MMM, then in mid-1994, stocks grew 120 times, and 1,000 rubles turned into 120,000 rubles. And those who were not gambling and greedy exchanged coupons for real money and received a huge income. Those who started investing at the very end, when all the cream was already removed, were left without money in MMM

What conclusion can one come to?

Making money on HYIP investments is possible and necessary. Only do it wisely. For this we exist

What is HYIP?

We will give you all the necessary knowledge and skills in this craft to stay in the black, as we invest in the projects that we selected for listing. The main thing you need is a desire to develop in this direction, this is the same profession as any other, only here you need to have nerves of steel, endurance and not be gambling, then everything will be in chocolate

And yes, the collapse of HYIP is inevitable

Our task is to make money until this happens.

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