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What is Refback (RCB)?

What is Refback (RCB)?

Hello partner

If you are interested in the concept of REFBACK and you want to figure out what it is, then you have gone through all the stages of training. Read to the end and everything will become clear to you

Now we are on the fingers explaining what a refback is and how cool and profitable it is for an investor

You already know what HYIP is and what their variations are. For the creator of the investment project, the most important thing is to invite new people to ensure liquidity and cash flow. But how to do that? The answer is simple, motivate participants to invite their friends / acquaintances / partners. Everything seems to be clear, but as practice shows, many do not do this due to different circumstances

What then to do the project admin? How to motivate to invite new members?

What is Refback (RCB)?

The answer is very simple – pay them money!

For this, an affiliate program was invented. But this system existed long before the appearance of HYIPs. It was successfully used by various MLM companies in the 20th century. The bottom line is that the user receives additional benefits from attracting to the project, as a rule, this is some percentage of the amount or bonus

In this scheme, it is important to know only a few concepts:

🔸Refer – a person who invited another person
🔸Referral – the one who was invited and who registered in the project through the affiliate link

The most popular scheme is to pay a one-time fee to the person who invited (referral). And this is not paid by the referral, but by the company. She still encourages and motivates. As practice has shown, it is much cheaper than paying for advertising, plus on a personal recommendation, the chance that a person will enter the project is much higher

Now let’s look at a simple example of how this works. For example, the project has 3 levels of incentives 5% – 3% – 1%

For example, John invited his friend Alex to the project. Alex for John is a referral in the first line and John will receive 5% of Alex deposit for this

Хайп проекты

Alex invited his friend Dany. It turns out that Dany for Alex has a referral in the first line (5%), and for John in the second, and John get 3%

Хайп проекты

Dany invited his girlfriend Mary. Everything is according to the scheme, Mary for him is a referral in the first line (5%), for Alex in the second (3%), and for our pioneer John in the third line (1%)

What is Refback (RCB)?

It turns out that everything is very simple, clear and transparent. And most importantly, it is beneficial for everyone. The partner motivates all participants to invite their friends to the project. everything gets profit. After all, everyone has one goal – this is to get money

Well, what if you don’t like to invite people, it’s not yours at all?
The answer is very simple – it’s REFBEK

A referral, he is RCB – return by a referee (you already know who it is) remuneration from an affiliate program to his referral. Those. when your referrer returns you a percentage immediately for your trust. For example, you made a deposit to the project on the recommendation of John (referrer) $ 100, and John immediately returns a referral bonus of $ 5 to you

You will think that this is some kind of fraud, because free cheese only you know where

But do not jump to conclusions. Large refvods (those who bring a lot of referrals) always remain in the black due to interest in depth. They open up new levels and get different goodies from project admins. And it turns out that no one is offended

What are the pluses for you?

✅ You always get more money than those participants who don’t know about the existence of a refback
✅ Your money beats faster and you break even

What is Refback (RCB)?

So it’s clear that competent investors are always looking for monitors that pay refback, than just register. And our project is for you, investor, this is the place

We work for quality and reputation, as We try to find normal projects, and we pay you a refback for trust. Follow us on the same road and you won’t be in the red

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