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AdvancedCash(ADVCash) is a multi-functional gaining popularity new payment system, which appeared in 2014. The anonymity of your data and the safety of the money earned is guaranteed by the offshore system.

AdvancedCash cooperates with MasterCard, which makes it possible to issue cards, both virtual and premium level.

A great tool for investing in monitoring projects.

The payment system was registered in 2014, which, however, could not prevent the system from occupying its niche and developing with giant steps.

Such success is easily explained:

  • Security and anonymity of the system;
  • Multi-currency wallet: rubles, pounds, euros, dollars;
  • Instant interchange within the system;
  • Mobile Phone Applications;
  • Registration in 3 minutes;
  • Large selection of deposit and withdrawal methods;
  • Issue of an international map with advanced features;
  • Highly secure internal mail;
  • 24/7 online support.
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