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Bitcoin (Bitcoin) is a digital virtual cryptocurrency. It is great for any action on the Internet. Bitcoin is a decentralized currency that excludes mediation between those who send money and those who receive. This takes away any commission.

The cost of bitcoin does not depend on the price of gold or oil. Cryptocurrency uses the highest level of encryption; the currency is not stored on accounts that can be frozen or robbed. There are no restrictions. To start working with bitcoins, you will need a personal account.

This wallet will be created on the network, but stored on a PC. Bitcoin wallet is two parts: a file that stores bitcoins, and a client program that performs operations on the withdrawal / receipt.

There is also a simpler, but no less reliable way to store bitcoins – an online wallet. For an example, we will choose a blockchain. Register a Bitcoin wallet at blockchain.info. We enter the address of the site https://blockchain.info/wallet/#/signup and find ourselves on the registration page. We enter a real valid email account, password and confirm it.

We agree with the rules of the system and click on the “continue” button. Wallet created. Now you can receive and send Bitcoin. Be sure to save the wallet number – you will need it to log in. Do not tell anyone.

To accept funds, simply transfer the code that you received after clicking on the “Receive” button. We strongly recommend setting maximum account protection by enabling 2-step verification and setting additional passwords.

Spending an extra 2 minutes on a transfer is better than losing your honestly earned money for investments in HYIP projects

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