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PAYEER is a popular payment system that was founded in Georgia at the end of 2012.

In just 4 years, it has grown from a local means of payment to a worldwide secure system accepted by the investment community, with representative offices in the Russian Federation and the United Kingdom.

MasterCard praised the success of Payeer and agreed to cooperate – issuing platinum-level co-branded cards! The system has wide functionality, allowing you to make secure secure payments on trusted Internet sites, within or outside the country, without revealing the identity of the sender and the recipient.

Payeer offers holders of wallets a built-in online exchanger that allows exchanges and withdrawals to other electronic systems, bank cards, and mobile operator accounts. It is possible to order the aforementioned card and withdraw money with a minimum commission. This is what you need to use our monitoring .

The system provides accounts in dollars, euros and rubles. Of particular note is increased security and anonymity. Payeer offers to obtain several degrees of protection, something must be connected, and something only at the request of the user.

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