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Hi partner. Here you can get the maximum REFBACK for a HYIP project. What is this we wrote here

In order to receive a referral commission return, you need to follow the rules of our monitoring and follow simple instructions:

Register in your chosen project using the link of our monitor

Make your deposit and send a request for a refback via the form on the site

The time limit for filing an application is up to 72 hours from the moment of creating a deposit in the project.

Rules for processing RCB up to 36 hours. We also recommend writing in the telegram-chat about creating an application

Refback is paid only on projects with the status: “Pays” and “Pending”. HYIPs located in the “Scam” section do not pay us money and therefore we also will not be able to pay them

Carefully check the deposit amount in the application and indicate in USD

Indicate a valid e-mail. So that in case of incorrect filling we could contact you

Attention! We ask that you take the filling as seriously as possible. And we would be very pleased if you write about the payment on our chat

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