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Hello colleague investor. Now we will explain what Show Profit insurance is and how you can get it.

I hope you understand, in general, how insurance works. Here is a similar story.

Let’s clarify right away, if you went to zero or plus, there can be no question of any insurance. This is for those who are in the minus. Refback (if any) + total payments are taken into account.

For example

Alex registered, through us, in the HYIP project “Horns and Hooves” and made a deposit of $100, applied for a refback and received $5. At this stage, his balance is $95, time goes on, Alex withdraws profit, and the unthinkable, quite expected, comes, the project comes scam. Alex managed to withdraw $40 during the period.

The total balance is $40 + $5 (RCB). The amount of damage is $55. And you understand that there can be 5, 10, 100 such Alex’s. Each one calculated the amount of his minus and it was $1000. Let’s assume that the amount of insurance for HYIP is $600.

Accordingly, we take the amount of insurance $600 divided by the amount of losses of depositors $1000 and get 0.6%. The conditional damage compensation for Alex will be $55 * 0.6% = $33.

An important!

▪️ The insurance does not apply to all projects, but only to those that come with the “Insurance” badge
▪️ The investor does not pay for insurance, as it is in classic insurance. We form it. Wish us happiness and health for this 🙂
▪️ Insurance does not cover the entire loss.
▪️ You don’t earn money on insurance, for example, if you are profitable, what kind of insurance can we talk about?
▪️ Applications for insurance are submitted within 48 hours after the project is declared a scam.
▪️ Accrual occurs after collection and processing of all applications.
▪️ If you did not manage to apply for insurance compensation within 48 hours, the insurance will not be paid.

Applications in which the amount of the loss will differ significantly from the real one will be ignored and there will be no compensation for them. Thank you for understanding.

You can get a refusal to pay for the following reasons:
🔸 The information specified in the application does not correspond to reality
🔸 If you are trying to indicate the amount above, in other words, deceive us
🔸 Application sent twice

We act in good faith and want this from our investors. After all, we are all doing one thing here.

Do not forget to unsubscribe about the receipt of insurance payments in our telegram chat. And we are pleased and you are a plus in karma 🙂

Application form

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