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Terms of use


This Agreement receives the status of a valid, subject to a voluntary and informed agreement between the owners of the site, then Show-profit, and the visitor who entered the age of majority at the time of conclusion of the Agreement (full 18 years), hereinafter the User. The Agreement below is determined by the sole and complete condition for using the Service


Show profit is not responsible for any consequences that may or have already occurred as a result of the use by the User of information from the sites of projects presented on the Service. Including for possible lost financial gain, any losses that appear after the User has familiarized himself with the data posted on the Service


By accepting the Agreement, the user confirms his majority (full 18 years).

The user agrees not to distribute the software or technical part of the Service.

The user agrees not to inflict intentional or indirect harm to the Service in any way: using viruses, dangerous programs, hardware and equipment, including taking actions that show signs of spam (intentionally or unintentionally), DDOS attacks.

The User acknowledges his obligation to compensate for losses, and also agrees to the release of liability of the administration of the Service in relation to any damage, expenses or expenses that the Service incurs as a result of the actions of the User or their absence. Also, Show-profit is not responsible for actions that are misleading or distort facts, or come about due to violation of the Agreement


The Service was created with the aim of publishing information on financial (investment) projects, news, links to internal resources of the Service or global network sites related to the Service topic.

Any use of the materials of the Show-profit blog without the permission of the author is prohibited. When using blog materials, a link to the site www.show-profit.com is required. In case of violation of these requirements, the site administration reserves the right to protection in accordance with applicable law.

Content is posted for informational purposes only. The user is provided with information about financial projects, the publication of exchange and investment market news, review results, and background information is carried out. All links, including those placed in banners and ads, are not calls to action as such, direct or hidden advertising of other persons, are used only as reference materials.

Show-profit does not take responsibility for the accuracy of any data, and is also not responsible for the content that the user receives by clicking on the link.

The User understands and agrees that the consequences of clicking on links from the Service are under his full responsibility and are not directly or indirectly dependent on the content and tools of the Service. Show-profit is not responsible for all risks, without exception, to which the User’s personal and financial data may be exposed.


The user agrees that all investment operations on any resources that are already posted on the network or may appear and are associated with the transfer of funds to third parties, carry the risk of financial losses. We are talking about all cases without exception.

Show-profit uses all available means and takes measures to maintain the accuracy of the content published on the Service. Due to the fact that any information may lose its relevance due to temporary, economic, market events or any other reasons, Show-profit cannot guarantee the accuracy of the data provided and recalls that all content is published for educational and reference purposes. Show-profit is not responsible for losses or damage arising from the use of the content published on the Service.

The user agrees that he will not use the information posted on the Service for any financial transactions as a guarantee of the positive results of his investments, transactions and other actions


Show-profit undertakes to ensure the security (within the resources of the Service) of the User’s personal data.

Show-profit accepts responsibility for the specified data as for confidential information and non-disclosure to unauthorized persons.

If you disagree with any clause of the Agreement, do not use the Service.

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