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Types of HYIPs

Types of HYIPs

So, you already know what HYIPs are. Now is the time to figure out what kinds are there. Like any investment, HYIPs can be divided into two types

The first is profitability

Low-income – those that bring up to 15% per month of net profit. We call them conservative. Such projects, as a rule, are long-playing and can last for years, bring profit to the investor at a distance. If you make reinvest, then the amount of income can grow up to 100%, or even 200%

Profitable, they are middle. Funds in this category can bring from 16% to 60% of profit. If you move away from the classification, then they bring from 30% to 50% per month. Such projects are very interesting, and in the basket of the right investor, at least, should be 2 or 3. But the risks here are higher. On average, they can go up to $ 500. Making ☓2 or ☓3 is already not very bad

Highly profitable or aggressive. From 60% profit. This is usually a roulette game. They can confuse the novice investor with cards, at some point you will think that you “grabbed God by the beard”, but here problems with payments begin at the moment when, it would seem, everything should be fine. We have been burned more than once and we want you not to fall for it. This does not mean that they do not need to throw money in, it is possible, but for the amount that you are ready to lose in advance without further consequences. Or double the deposit and exit, considering that they have completed their task

Types of HYIPs

The second type is classified based on the time period.

Long-term – projects that work more than 3 months. Basically, they are always low-income or conservative. In such projects, admins invest in the site itself, development, and marketing because understand that they will play long and earn a loan of investor confidence

Medium-term – deposits in it work from 1 to 3 months. In most cases, you can earn, on average, 50% of the profit per month. An interesting option, but the most important thing to do without fanaticism

Fasts – HYIPs with a short term deposit, up to 1 month. It is better to enter them at the very beginning, double the deposit and exit. The risks are high, invest not the last money, knowing in advance that you can lose them

Hourly – projects profit in which is accrued every 60 minutes. These are mostly aggressive HYIPs for thrill-seekers. We do not like to place such projects very much because our partners are interested in earning stable, but it’s worth mentioning them

Each HYIP has a payout schedule, marketing, profit accrual procedures, etc.

Admins every time try to come up with something new, but in general, the work models are those described above

You can clarify all other questions in our telegram group if there is something incomprehensible. Financial literacy is very important if you want to consistently make money in this area.

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